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Charlie loves obedience trainers!



Charlie, Daisy and Silvia!It would seem that Truro has really lucked out!  A lady by name of Silvia Jay has left the fast life of Calgary and moved to the shangri-la life of Nova Scotia and picked Truro as her home base and is offering her services as a dog behaviour expert.   

I am absolutely in love with this woman and the way she trains dogs and her philosophy about dog training.  Her website and philosophy about dogs and training looks absolutely fantastic - and she's recently completely overhauled it and rebuilt a new site, so if you haven't been there lately - update your bookmark, because she's got a completely new url and tons of new stuff to go read!  Silvia's new website as at http://www.voice4dogs.com/ .  She also services the Halifax area - so you should definitely check her out! She is also offering dog behaviour classes that are human only - and there's going to be some coming up in the Halifax area in 2009 - so stay tuned for that exciting news! 


Kathy Krane offers the "T-Touch of Kindness" out in St. Margaret's Bay - giving behaviour modification through tellington touch - at Oakglen Kennels - which I think I may have listed on my doggie day care page as well!  You can check out her T-Touch page at http://www.ttouchofkindness.ca/  to see if this kind of therapy might be the kind of intervention your guy needs.


Amy (Slaunwhite) and Adina MacRae have recently amalgamated their former dog walking and obedience training businesses into one big business - going from "Dogs on the Go", "Fur My Friends", and "K9 Coach" to "Sublime Canine" - they are now offering everything from dog walking to one on one private in home training, in home agility training, in class obedience training, and other things too - you should check out their website at http://sublimecanine.ca/ to find out more!


Tristan Flynn owns "Golden Rule dog training" and he hosts training classes in the HRM - he says on his website that "The golden rule is generally known as “Do to others as you want them to do to you” and I believe we should adopt this when working with and living with our dogs - and I think that's a great way to train our canine companions!  You can check out his website at http://www.goldenruletraining.ca/ and he's also got a blog at http://www.goldenruletraining.ca/trainerblog.html


Ann MacLean owns Flying Tails Dog Training out in Grand Desert - which I guess is some shangri-la area out near Musquoidoboit!  She works with Amy and Adina MacRae from Sublime Canine and they do lots of fun stuff with agility and obedience - you should definitely check out her website at http://www.flyingtailsdogtraining.ca/ !!


Enfield is very lucky to have Rob VanTassel - and his his business "Van Tassel's Canine Services" - he offers obedience training, agility, dog sports and dog walking - so basically he's a one stop shop - and it's all completely positive training based, which is fabulous.  He also offers puppy socialization classes as well - which is great.  His website is at http://www.vantasselscanineservices.com/ 


If you're in the Mahone Bay area - there's "Ditto's Canine Learning Centre", owned by Jane Smith - she's got puppy classes, flyball classes, personal classes, semi-private classes - lots of stuff - and they're also CRAZY about flyball there!  So you should definitely check them out if that's something that interests you!  They're at http://www.dittoscaninelearningcentre.com/


Amy Slaunwhite, and Adina MacRae - the 2 ladies who I talk about above - together with another friend of theirs - have invented one of the greatest training tools in the last twenty years of dog training - and the BEST thing to ever happen to clicker training!  It's called the "clicker leash" - and you can order it directly from their website - it comes with tons of education materials, and there's a whole training philosophy that goes with it called the "train humane" campaign - it's going to change the way people think about training their dogs - these ladies have worked very hard to perfect this tool - and it is a beautiful thing!!  Go to http://clickerleash.com/ to find out more about this great product - Nova Scotian born and bred!


"Dynamic Dogs" is a training and boarding facility in Middle Sackville - I don't know anything about them other than what's on their website - so you can check that out at http://www.dynamicdogs.ca/aboutus.html  - if you hear something good about them or have some experience - feel free to email me at dogkisser@gmail.com - and I'll share it here so we can all hear the good news!


Another awesome obedience trainer if you live in Pictou County is Alex Keir who has a company called "Good Dog Works".  The neat thing about her business is that she puts on great seminars and brings people from away  to teach them.  Alex is also Regional Director of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers - which is the certifying association for Canadian obedience trainers .  


Unleashed Pawsabilities - is owned and operated out in Tantallon by Tamara McFarland - she teaches puppy preschool / socialization classes and three levels of pet training courses using positive methods without aversives - Primary School for Pooches, Mutt Middle School and Hound High School. The classes are limited to five dogs so her clients get lots of personal attention which is always key in this kind of training. Tamara is a certified Pet Dog Trainer and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers. Her business website is www.unleashedpaws.ca. She can be contacted at info@unleashedpaws.ca or (902) 431-8604 


If you're interested in advanced obedience - you can try "Basics and Beyond Dog Training" with Cindy MacKeen - check out her website at http://www.kismet.net/basics/ - she teaches things like CKC Rally O and CARO Rally O and other types of advanced obedience - her website looks really interesting, so if stuff like that interests you - she's the lady to contact!


Brenda Potter, of Chimini Siberians and Partners for Life Canine Education, offers an all-breed manners class with clicker training, as well as advanced obedience classes and free style dancing!  The classes are located in Spryfield that you can take - you can find out more on her website at http://www.chimini.com/ObedienceClasses/ObedienceClassesNew.html   


Christine Graham of Wyndenfog kennels offers obedience classes and puppy socialization classes through the Dartmouth Veterinary Clinic in Dartmouth - she has a website at http://www.dartmouthvet.com/obedience.htm for you to go check out!


Susan Jordan is a "personal trainer" for dogs who has sessions that she calls "Paws in the Park" - at Seaview Park - you can contact her at 499-7659 or js.jordan@ns.sympatico.ca  - she is now running her sessions out at the very well used and highly regarded "Chewed Slipper" doggy day care out in Lower Sackville - you can check out their website for more information at http://www.thechewedslipper.com/CLUBS.html - by the looks of their website she's also doing one on one consultations now, as well as agility training!






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